3d design outdoor patios and living spaces kalamazoo

3-D Outdoor Living Design

We make it possible for you to sit by your new fire pit, grill at your new outdoor kitchen, or relax on your new patio before it has even been built.

With sophisticated 3-D design software, we turn your backyard vision into unbelievably realistic computerized images and videos. Gone are the days of showing your contractor pictures from a catalog or a Google search of what you want your outdoor living space to look like. We gather comprehensive measurements and photos of your property, transfer it all into CAD software, and produce beautiful 3-D imagery showcasing your project, to scale, against a realistic rendering of your actual home and property. Our 3-D designs come alongside overhead drawn concept plans with material notations, specifications, and project notes. Communicating about your project couldn’t be simpler with 3-D visual aids and computerized drawings on paper.